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Roads, FOOL AROUND, Eau de Parfum 50ml

Parfüümvee ümber teede poolt pakutav loll on lillelõhn, mis on inspireeritud inimeste virgutavast ühendusest, kui kõik meeled on kõrgendatud ja maailm elustub.

Peenelt värske see Roadsi parfüüm sisaldab mandariini ja jäätunud kroonlehtede säravaid noote, mis avanevad Waterlily, Tiger Orchid ja Pink Magnolia kauniks lilleliseks akordiks.

ROADS Fragrances are created in partnership with some of the most highly regarded perfumers in the industry. The process takes nearly a year of work to fine-tune the exact scent from each brief. During that period, every element is refined to produce the highest of standards, resulting in a complex and multi-layered scent.

It is the briefs, however, that have been the most innovative element to how fragrance creation is approached. Each of our fragrances is based on a specific theme. The theme could be a person, an emotion, a natural phenomenon, a geographical place, a state of mind or a period in recent history.


The Core Collection by ROADS Fragrances is the backbone of the brand - an exploration into world culture, personality, landscape, and art.


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Roads, FOOL AROUND, Eau de Parfum 50ml

Roads, FOOL AROUND, Eau de Parfum 50ml


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