Boadicea Imperial, Perfume Spray 50 ml Увеличить

Boadicea Imperial, Perfume Spray 50 ml

Imperial, as its name suggests is a scent which commands authority. It is audacious and fearless, yet engrained with refined sensibility. Imperial has a prowess that makes those about you take notice and stand to attention. The fragrance begins with calm assurance, the lavender hinting at something gentile, while the birch and rosewood ensure stature and body. Surprisingly the heart of this fragrance is floral; as if lulling us into a false sense of security, the white jasmine and delicate freesia embroil to create a sense of warm romance, caressing the skin – before the take over of the base. It is here where Imperial really comes into its own – the leather, patchouli and Cambodian oud emerge triumphantly though the floral veil with daring delight. The notes `march fervently, seamlessly blending with soft guaiac wood and Indian sandalwood combining to conjure a self assured impression, imprisoning all it encounters. Imperial is a fragrance that knows what it’s about and isn’t afraid to be noticed.

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Объем50 ml
БрендBoadicea the Victorious

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Boadicea Imperial, Perfume Spray 50 ml

Boadicea Imperial, Perfume Spray 50 ml

Top Notes: Angelica, Rosewood, Lavender, Birch
Middle Notes: Geranium, Rose, White Jasmine, Freesia
Base Notes: Leather, Rock Rose, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cambodian Oud, Guaiacwood


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