International delivery


Omniva parcel

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Russia - 8.00 €

All other countries - 10.00 €

Domestic (Estonia) delivery options

DPD pickup locations

Cost of service: 3,50 €

Receiving the goods.


Cost of service: 3.79 €

When the pack reaches the parcel machine an SMS with a door code is sent to the mobile phone number which was marked on the order.
Door code must be entered to the parcel machine and thereupon opens the closet where you have your pack.
It is possible to pick up the pack during 7 working days since the arrival of the parcel machine.

DPD courier

Cost of service: 5 €

Prior to delivery date an SMS will be sent to you mobile phone number specified in the order with info about parcel arrival.
On the day of parcel delivery the courier will call you to coordinate parcel delivery time.
Parcel delivery will take place during working hours.