Selective Perfumery

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In two words, what is selective perfumery: QUALITY + CREATIVITY.

Her founders aren't guided by requirements of masses. They are engaged in creativity! Masters of perfumery don't spend millions for advertizing, don't seek to reduce product cost, they never make a compromise on quality of ingredients. All their inspiration, forces and time are directed on selection of natural, qualitative and rare ingredients, on drawing up unique compositions.

Behind each aroma of niche perfumery there are not numerous market researches, but the history. They derive inspiration from the nature and the cities, from history of last days and from modern life. Each aroma is allocated with sense! It is evident and sinks down in soul, firstly you enter for a threshold of the real shop of niche perfumery — a place which was conceived to avoid crowd and an ordinary choice of department stores and where you could find the aroma without haste, in own speed.