SCOPOLI, Fall from Grace, Parfum, 50 ml

" An endeavor to flash the impression of the moment, to give sensation,
to preserve the heat and motion of life "

Top Notes:
Néroli de Liguria, Petitgrain de Cordillera, Calabrian Grapefruit, Cosenza Lemon

Middle Notes:
Rose Attar, Ghat Black Pepper, Sororia Violet, Guatemalan Cardamon

Base Notes:
Haitian Sandalwood, White Musk, Sulawesi Patchouli, Tolu Balsam

Decadent | Alluring | Mystic

Our perfumes are created in small batches at our skilled perfumeries in Merrion Square in the heart of Dublin.

The formulas, perfumed to perfection by our perfumers after months of testing, are followed to the finest detail.

The perfume is then aged for 3 months before being filtered and hand bottled.

Our round bottles have a timeless, classic design - transparent to appreciate the depth of the perfume's colour, yet small and compact for travel.

Our cap is designed and made by Jaime Clabburn, a renowned wood designer based in Mayo, in the west of Ireland. It is made from reclaimed hardwoods that are specially matched to each fragrance. Each cap is slightly different in its natural shape due to the nature of the hardwood, giving each cap a unique and individual style.

Markievicz caps are made in Portugal from a beautiful material - cork bark mixed with recycled ocean plastic.

Perfume bottles are hand-labelled with Irish labels and packaged in bespoke cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled waste paper produced in Germany.

Our fragrances are unisex and contain 24% essence. At the same time, they are not overpowering thanks to the abundance of natural ingredients. They are captivating, yet subtle and last all day long with minimal application.

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Volume50 ml

95,00 €

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